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Name:Maryanne Violet Spencer
Birthdate:Jun 26
Location:Toorak, Australia
Website:♥ dreamlikenewyork

I knew I wouldn't forget you
And so I went and let you blow my mind
Your sweet moonbeam
The smell of you in every single dream I dream
I knew when we collided you're the one I have decided
Who's one of my kind

~ hey soul sister, train ~

Maryanne Violet Spencer was born in Victoria, Australia and grew up in the Melbourne suburb of Toorak. She has one older brother who is six years older than her, Dylan, and a younger one two years below her. Her dad is a journalist and TV newsreader for a Melbourne news corporation and her mum is a costume designer for the Melbourne Theatre Company. Maryanne also had a younger sister, Millie, who was seven years younger than her, but she died in a drowning incident in a family friend's pool when she was two, who had been babysitting her at the time. It all happened so quickly, and it was a devastating loss for the family. Maryanne was nine years old when it happened.

Although it was a taxing tragedy for the family, they got through it together. It was losing Millie that factored a lot to Maryanne's later career goal to become a nanny. She also knows she doesn't want to have biological children of her own, and instead adopt children who don't have families of their own. Maryanne is a bright and bubbly teenager with piles of friends. She loves to dance and sing, and has been performing in ballroom dancing competitions since she was twelve years old. Maryanne realised when she was about 15 that she wasn't into boys like all her friends were. Luckily, she didn't grow up in an environment of judgement and coming to realise her sexuality differed from most of her friends was a relatively smooth ride. She came out as a lesbian to her family shortly before her Sweet Sixteen birthday party but her parents had already taken a stab in the dark about it when she had shown no interest in dating boys.

It was shortly after that when the family decided to take on an exchange student from New York City, Layla Morton. The family had been excited about partaking in the program, but they never expected to adore Layla as much as they did. She was a total sweetheart; friendly, cheerful, with a huge heart of gold. She became one of the family easily, and initially, she was like a sister to Maryanne. When Maryanne heard they were getting a female exchange student, it was an easy choice to have them share rooms. It was about six months into Layla's year-long stay in Australia that they developed romantic feelings for each other and began dating. Maryanne couldn't believe someone so amazing came into her life, and she fell head-over.

As the time for Layla to return to America began to draw near, Maryanne knew she was going to completely suck at trying to make a long distance relationship work. Not that she would fail at it. She would do anything for Layla. But it was going to be awful to be away from each other after being inseparable for the better part of a year and dating for six months. It was then that Maryanne started to talk to her parents about maybe going on reverse exchange to New York. It was her last year of high school, so they were a little reluctant at first. But with Maryanne wanting to become a nanny and ultimately hoped to be able to study in America to qualify as a nanny anyway, they agreed that the exchange would be a great opportunity for her to get her foot in the door with colleges over there. Even though it would be hard for her to be away from home, they knew she was ambitious... and very much in love with Layla. They didn't want their daughter broken-hearted.

Maryanne was accepted into the exchange program and with some negotiation, was able to convince them to place her in New York by writing an essay on why her career goal was to become a nanny. She kept the whole thing top secret from Layla, wanting to surprise her once she got there. Maryanne was placed with a kind-hearted couple with a little boy and a baby girl - Tara and Lachlan Campbell - both doctors. They had been signed up for the program for the round prior to Maryanne's, but the student they were going to receive ended up deciding to stay with family friends in New York instead. It opened the place up for Maryanne, and she was over the moon they had two littlies that she could practice her wannabe-nanny skills on.

Maryanne is an Original Character
for musebox / psl, dreamlikenewyork.

Maryanne is an original muse character with no fandom affiliation.
For RP and muse purposes only. PB is Phoebe Tonkin, who belongs to herself.

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